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 The Tribe Entertainment Center was founded on the core values of the African culture through consistency and hardwork. It has been established to produce black excellence with promises to deliever the Raw African Experience.


The Tribe is committed to the people, for the people, and by the people of it's community. Together we will build a world were kings and queens will come together in unison to celebrate black culture and heritage

Located in the Inglewood, The Tribe Entertainment Center allows you to immerse yourself  and celebrate the pride of African culture.  Our goal at The Tribe Entertainment Center is too is here to entice and satisfy your craving for the royalty of African culture, style, wealth and melanin.


Our staff and facility is built with the capacity to cater to all of your special events and entertainment for any celebration or just nights out on the town with staging fit for private events as well as live music concerts, film premieres, fashion shows, film and tv shoots. The venue is equipped with uniquely regal design featuring 10 VIP sections, bottle service, custom lighting rigs, projection screens, 2 full service bars and DJ Booth. Catering is available with a variety of different options.

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